Creating a New Plugin

Creating a New Plugin

CloudQuery's modular architecture means that a source plugin can be used to fetch data from any third-party API, and then be combined with a destination plugin to insert data into any supported destination.

At its core, the CloudQuery protocol is language-agnostic and plugins can be written in any language, as long as the language has libraries for gRPC (opens in a new tab) and Apache Arrow (opens in a new tab). For ease of development, however, we recommend using our SDKs, which offer a high-level abstraction over the underlying protocol. The following table summarizes the current state of our SDKs and links to language-specific plugin development guides:

Source Plugin SDKYes (Guide)Yes (Guide)Yes (Guide)Yes (Guide)
Destination Plugin SDKYes (Examples (opens in a new tab))NoNoNo
Release stageGAPreviewPreviewPreview