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Cloud Security Posture Management with CloudQuery

CloudQuery is the cloud security posture management framework for the modern data stack. It allows you to build your own security rules and audit your cloud infrastructure for misconfigurations, using databases and visualization tools your team already know and love.

A Grafana dashboard of AWS EC2 data

Example of a Grafana dashboard showing AWS EC2 data synced with CloudQuery

How does it work?

CloudQuery is an open source CLI tool that allows you to sync your cloud infrastructure data to any database. You run the CloudQuery CLI on your own infrastructure. It fetches your cloud infrastructure data and stores it in your database. You can then either use pre-made policy packs (opens in a new tab) or use your favorite SQL query builder to build your own security rules and audit your cloud infrastructure for misconfigurations. Once the configuration data is in your database, you can use your favorite visualization tools to build dashboards and alerts. This is fully in the spirit of the Modern Data Stack.

Which cloud providers and databases are supported?

CloudQuery supports all major cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, among many others. It also supports more than 18 different database backends, including PostgreSQL, MySQL and BigQuery. You can use any of these databases to store your cloud infrastructure data. And if that's not enough, CloudQuery is open source and makes use of a pluggable architecture that allows you to build your own sources and destinations on top of the open protocol and SDK.

How do I get started?

There are a number of tutorials to help you get started for every cloud provider and chosen visualization tools.

Syncing your cloud data

Visualizing your cloud data