Square Source Plugin

Square Source Plugin

Latest: v1.0.8

The CloudQuery Square plugin pulls data from Square (opens in a new tab) and loads it into any supported CloudQuery destination (e.g. PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, and more (opens in a new tab)).

See tables for a list of resources supported.

Example Configuration

This example syncs from Square to a Postgres destination. The (top level) source spec section is described in the Source Spec Reference.

kind: source
# Common source-plugin configuration
  name: square
  registry: docker
  tables: ["*"]
  destinations: ["postgresql"]
  # Square-specific configuration
    environment: "sandbox" # sandbox or production
    access_token: "<YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE>"
    concurrency: 100
    queue_size: 10000

The Square plugin is distributed as a Docker image. This requires a Docker runtime to be installed on the same machine as the CloudQuery CLI, and a CLI version that supports the docker registry type (v3.12.0 and higher).


In order to fetch information from Square, cloudquery needs to authenticate using an access token.

Configuration Reference

This is the (nested) spec used by the Square source plugin:

  • access_token (string, required):

    Your access token from Square.

  • environment (string, required):

    The environment to use. Can be production or sandbox.

  • concurrency (integer, optional. Default: 100):

    Maximum number of requests to perform concurrently.

  • queue_size (integer, optional. Default: 10000):

    Maximum number of items to have in the queue before waiting for an unfinished request to complete.