What is a CWPP (Cloud Workload Protection Platform)?

What is a CWPP?

With the growing adoption of cloud and organizations moving their operations and technology to cloud, the need for effective cloud security solutions has increased. One such trend that has emerged is the adoption of Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP).

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms are solutions that aid organizations protect their cloud workloads against threats including unauthorized access, data breaches, and malware. With the adoption of cloud and workloads becoming increasingly created on cloud platforms, these threats have changed and threat actors have adapted to cloud environments. Data breaches include cloud storage breaches such as AWS S3 and Azure Blob storage while unauthorized access includes cloud privilege escalation and access via cloud access keys, such as IAM User access keys.

CWPP Benefits

CWPP solutions can offer the following benefits:

  • Vulnerability management: Cloud workloads may have unique vulnerabilities and CWPP solutions help with identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in cloud workloads.

  • Access Controls: Access control in cloud changes due to cloud Identity and Access Management combined with other identity and access management from other infrastructure. CWPP solutions assist organizations with managing access to their cloud workloads to ensure only authorized users have the proper access to sensitive data.

  • Data Encryption: As an additional layer of security to data, CWPP solutions can assist with ensuring compliance and security of encryption of data at rest and in transit, reducing the risk of data breaches and exposure.

  • Threat Detection: Cloud workloads and infrastructure add to the complexity of threats that face cloud workloads. CWPP solutions can help detect threats and help mitigate those threats and potential vulnerable workloads and infrastructure to reduce security risk.

Open Source CWPP

In What is an Infrastructure Data Lake, we covered what is an infrastructure data lake and how to get started with building your own. With that foundational infrastructure data lake, you can now build your own open-source CWPP to improve overall security, simplify management of cloud security, ensure compliance, and reduce overall cost of cloud security.