CloudQuery vs Others
CloudQuery vs Fivetran

CloudQuery Vs Fivetran

What is CloudQuery?

CloudQuery is an ELT tool that enables high-performance data extraction and loading with a plugin-based architecture, allowing for extensive customization and scalability. Built with Go, it offers low memory usage and high efficiency, supporting a rich type system for accurate data handling. CloudQuery can be self-hosted, ensuring data remains within your infrastructure and providing a cost-effective pricing model based on usage.

What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is a managed ELT SaaS solution that automates data pipelines from various sources to centralized destinations. It offers a comprehensive range of connectors but comes with a higher and more complex pricing structure based on Monthly Active Rows (MAR) (opens in a new tab).

Key Differences

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)Allows users to run the service in their own cloud environment, providing greater control and security.Does not offer BYOC, as it is a fully managed service.
PerformanceBuilt with Go, leveraging go-routines for high performance and low memory usage.High performance but as a managed service, users have less control over optimization.
Cross-Platform CLIDriven by a single binary cross-platform CLI, making it easy to deploy and manage across different environments.Provides a web-based interface with limited CLI support.
Open Source and ExtendableOpen-source framework with a plugin-based architecture. Users can create their own data source or destination plugins using the CloudQuery SDK to access data from in-house stores or other SaaS applications.Closed-source managed ELT SaaS solution.
Type SystemSupports a rich type system for connectors, enabling richer schemas and more accurate data.Standard-type systems without the customization CloudQuery offers.
ConnectorsGrowing list of connectors, supported by the community and official team.Extensive list of connectors.

CloudQuery and Fivetran offer robust ELT solutions but differ significantly. CloudQuery allows self-hosting with BYOC, ensuring greater control and security, and features a high-performance, low-memory Go-based architecture. Its open-source framework and pluggable architecture enable extensive customization and accurate data handling. In contrast, Fivetran, a managed service, offers many connectors but lacks CloudQuery’s flexibility and control. For a customizable, cost-effective, high-performance ELT solution with self-hosting capabilities, CloudQuery is a compelling alternative to Fivetran.