Tempus Multi-Cloud Asset Inventory

Michael Tayo
Michael Tayo

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We use CloudQuery in a production environment, deploying everything via terraform infrastructure as code to Google Cloud Platform.

Our deployment resides within a GCP environment and leverages GKE and Docker for computing. We utilize Cloud SQL for the PostgreSQL database piece and Grafana for the Data Analysis/Visualization.

Our deployment fetches resources from our multi-cloud environments nightly via a cron job and runs benchmark policy checks every so often. Policy results get stored in a Google Storage Bucket as objects that are synced to BigQuery dataset/tables and linked to Google Sheets for ease of reporting to key stakeholders and management.

Currently, we are fetching resources from 80+ AWS accounts and over 1000+ GCP projects, with plans to grow.

Our primary use case for CloudQuery is for assurance monitoring, compliance, and a backup CSPM. Primary consumers of CloudQuery data are the Security Operations Center, Cloud Security, and Data Governance teams.

Happy to offer a deeper dive into our deployment architecture if it will be beneficial to others interested in our use case.

Good luck CloudQuery'ing! I am looking forward to seeing the growth of the tool and the community!