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The CloudQuery CLI (command-line interface) is the core open-source project that expects to be run on your local machine as CLI or on a remote machine.


The CloudQuery SDK is the open-source SDK library used by official and community providers to integrate with the CloudQuery ecosystem. The SDK makes it easy to write new providers and takes care of the TL in ETL (extract-transform-load).


Fetch is both the CLI command and the process when CloudQuery extracts all the configured resources in config.hcl, transforms them, and loads them into the database.


CloudQuery Policy that is written with HCL as the logic layer and SQL as the query layer.


SQL query, usually targeting the CloudQuery database.


CloudQuery Provider is a plugin responsible for extracting information/configuration from a specific cloud infrastructure provider SaaS application or literally anything else that is accessible via API (Rest, GRPC, GraphQL).

Currently, all providers are listed in

Developing new provider


HashiCorp Configuration Language, which is used by CloudQuery to write configuration and policies.


The fetch command is working on a list of resources defined in each provider (in config.hcl).

For example, ec2_instances is a resource in aws provider.