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CloudQuery vs Google Cloud Asset Inventory

Google Cloud Asset Inventory is the native GCP asset inventory.

Key Differences:

  • Resource Types: CloudQuery supports more than 80 types of resources while GCP currently supports about 140 types of resources (tables). Being an open-source project you can easily add the missing resources without being blocked by a vendor.
  • Vanilla PostgreSQL: CloudQuery uses vanilla PostgreSQL which makes it play nicely with the whole SQL eco-system and gives you the ability to re-use other tools like Grafana/BI. GCP Asset Inventory is using a proprietary query language and thus doesn't give you the ability to re-use other tools easily.
  • Search: CloudQuery doesn't impose any limits on what you can search or filter on due to vanilla PostgreSQL. GCP allows to query/search only on set of predefined attributes.
  • Cloud Agnostic: CloudQuery gives you the ability to assess, audit and monitor multi-cloud and SaaS infrastructure.
  • Policy Language: CQ enables to codify and version controls security & compliance rules using HCL configuration with SQL as the query engine. GCP doesn't have such policy language where you can aggregate multiple queries and rules.