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· 3 min read

Today we are pleased to announce the release of CloudQuery SDK!

We released CloudQuery at the end of last year to give developers, SREs and security engineers a better and open-source alternative to gain deep visibility into their cloud infrastructure. We made a few decisions like using SQL as a query and policy engine so developers won’t need to learn yet another query or policy engine!

Bonus: Reuse and take advantage of the whole huge SQL ecosystem.

CloudQuery grew over 1.3K stars in under 5 months! This led us to develop a better and simpler way to extend CloudQuery with new resources and customs providers.

· 6 min read

There are some great guides on the internet for AWS Security best practices (both official and unofficial). However, one of the challenges we saw with those guides is that they tell you what the end goal is, but they usually leave it up to the user on how to implement it (at scale), let alone how to continuously monitor those best practices to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go through the window.

In this blog post we will go through the official security IAM best practices, and we'll show how to validate and monitor them using SQL statements with CloudQuery.