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· 4 min read

As of the writing of this blog, CloudQuery supports over 155 resources across 61 services in AWS! and many more in GCP, Azure, etc. Although this gives users the capabilities to answer many of their questions regarding your security, visibility and infrastructure, it would be great to have a single view of all your AWS resources, right?

So here at CloudQuery we built a simple aws_resources view, to demonstrate the power of using a SQL database to create a single pane for all your fetched AWS resources. The aws_resources view allows us to ask questions on all our resources allowing us to filter by service, region, account and more!

· One min read

This is a short note that v0.24.0 is deprecating migrations from cloudquery together with history.

Late last year we introduced experimental support of historical data with TimescaleDB (See the blog post). Giving it a try we learned that maintaining full migrations for every single table is impossible and also affects developer experience of both third-party providers, ours internally and contributors.

· One min read

In this short tutorial we will go through what to do if you accidentally deleted the AWSSSO_asd123456678_DO_NO_DELETE identity provider from an org account which is used by AWS SSO (take a look at our previous blog setting up AWS SSO with Google Workspace).

Deleting the AWSSSO_1233424_DO_NOT_DELETE identity provider will prevent you from accessing the account via the AWS SSO screen.

IAM identity providers